EPG Calf Buyback Program

Echo Sand Ranching is confident in the quality of the calves that are sired by EPG bulls that they will offer to purchase 100% of the producers calves where at least 75% of the calves have been sired by Echo Power Genetics bulls.

Calves head on.jpeg

Purchase Price

  • will be established using a 3 week market average for the weight and gender of the calves being sold.

  • FOB feedlot

Shared Premiums

  • Echo Sand Ranching will share 50% of any carcass premiums collected from those calves with the producer.

Retained data

  • data provided: Wean weight, re-handling weights and carcass data will be provided back to the producer to aid in cow management decisions.

  • Calf data will be collected and stored in HerdTrax.