Why have a sale like this...

For the past 5 years I have cattle producers come to me every year looking to purchase bulls based on our data and that unveiled to me that there is a demand out there to buy bulls based on birth to slaughter data.

What's in the Sale...

Our focus is to work with Hartman Cattle Co. to produce the highest quality hybrid Sim/Angus bulls on the market.  By combining Echo Sand Ranching`s Angus genetics that trace back to Hamilton Farms Kodiak 5R and Tiger 5T with Hartman Cattle Co`s big bodied great numbered Profit and Revenue bulls we know you will walk through our pen of bulls and see how uniform our sale bulls are, both phenotypically and on data performance.

We ended up with predominantly black bulls.

How our Bull sale will work...

Prior to the Open House and Sale we will be sorting the bulls into 3 pre-priced classes: Platinum, Gold,and Silver. 

These classes have been selected using the cattle record management program HerdTrax and weighted on these 3 categories:

1.       Dams' ranking in the Echo Sand Ranching herd of 4000 cows

2.       Weight per day of age at weaning

3.       Average Daily Gain post weaning

Pick a class not a bull

After you have walked through the bulls and decide you would like to make a purchase, you will choose how many bulls you want and from which class you want them from.  For example, if you would like to buy 3 bulls, you can choose 1 from the Platinum class and 2 from the Gold class or all 3 from the Silver class. When you have made this decision, we will enter your bull order into our program and it will instantly select your bulls at random from the classes you chose.  

$100 off per bull...

You will receive $100 off each bull you purchase if you take them home the day of the sale.   

Pre-order your bulls...

Producers can pre-order bulls by Thursday February 28th and save 10% off each bull booked. All purchased and pre-ordered bulls will be randomly selected from within their respected class on sale day April 5th, 2019

Curious about the price of the bulls? 

How do we determine our #1 cow?

The cow that produces the calf worth the most amount of money in carcass value in the least number of days from birth is our #1 cow in our herd. 

In 2004 ESR signed up with Dr. Troy Drakes online cattle record management program HerdTrax, which gave us the ability to measure a cows performance by following her calf from birth to the feedlot then on to slaughter with receiving back carcass data.  With that amount of information collected from 2-3 calves we can rank our cows. 

Now with this information and herd ranking we can select our Elite cows (top 5-10%) to produce our Angus replacement bulls, these bulls will then be put on Grow Safe to be tested for feed conversion and performance. with that information we can select the highest performing lowest converting bulls as our herd sires to be used in our own herd to produce replacement heifers.

The next 60% of our cow herd produces the bulls for our sale and our replacement heifers for Echo Sand Ranching`s herd.  The lowest ranked 30% are bred to Sim/Angus bulls for feedlot production.